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Isle of Wight Youth for Christ was officially launched in April 2000. Our aim is to be a ministry that serves the local church and reaches out effectively to young people with God’s message of salvation.

The Isle of Wight has a population of just over 140,000 with just over 17,000 school aged young people.  One of the main issues facing young people on the Island is a lack of career opportunities available when finishing education.  This means a lot of young people that leave for university end up moving away from the Island to pursue possibilities elsewhere.  This has also meant that there is a lack of good role models for young people who are in their early 20’s.

In Sept 2011 the school system on the Island was changed from a 3 tier system to a 2 tier, primary and secondary school system, thus bringing the Island’s education structure more in line with the majority of counties throughout Britain.

Throughout the year we organise and run a number of events, clubs, trips, weekends away and after school small groups as well as working in many of the islands primary and secondary schools taking assemblies and lessons on a regular basis.  We currently connect with more than two hundred young people each week in a relational context as well as making some sort of meaningful contact with over five hundred pupils each week through our work in schools. 


Ian Peters

Centre Director

Chris Reddecliff

Centre Director


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