New Cube Team Leader Beth Welford talks to Tim Adams about her history of working for Youth for Christ missions teams and her hopes for her exciting new endeavour.

How did you get involved with Youth for Christ?

When I was 15 the Nomad cage football team came to my church to do a mission week. I thought it was cool and something that I’d like to do. After getting to know the team at a number of different events, I decided to do a gap year with Youth for Christ at the end of College. I loved it so much that I then did a second year. When the position of Team Leader came up I went for it and got it. So, I’ve been leading a Youth for Christ mission team for several years now.

What’s the best thing about being part of a Youth for Christ missions team?

For me, the best thing is seeing the same kids year on year and the effect we have on them. For example, last year we did a mission in Clevedon where we met a young person we’d worked with before. He told the others: “These guys are sick! Honestly, listen to them.” He then chatted to us throughout the week and ended up becoming a Christian.

Tell me about your new 2018 mission team, The Cube?

When I heard about a new multimedia mission team called ‘The Cube’, I was intrigued. It offers young people a 360-degree, multi-sensory experience inside a 12 metre by 12 metre hexagonal prism. The Cube is a different means to connect with young people. I’m excited to see what God does as I lead this new team.

What will young people experience when they enter it?

For example, we’re thinking about doing a Christmas Nativity session where instead of sitting and watching someone speak or staring at a screen, sights, sounds and even smells enable them to feel as if they are there. This feeling of being immersed in a story is what’s new and unique about it. The Cube is also something that any young person can take part in as it’s not just suited to one learning style. It covers all the learning styles so for me that’s a big win.

What content will The Cube deliver?

A bit of everything, really. The work we do in primary schools will be Bible-story based and quite fun and playful. Then with secondary school pupils, we will be looking a lot more at the big questions of life. One of the sessions will be on how Christians view injustice, how young people can react to it and what they can do about it in today’s world.

What is the main thing you want young people to come away with?

I want The Cube to give young people a reason for the hope we have and maybe a fresh perspective on Christianity. I’d also love it to spark an interest in them to find out more. It would be fantastic if young people thought ‘okay that’s what they think about Christianity, what do I think about it?’. Hopefully, we can then connect interested young people with people in their schools or youth groups and empower them to look more into Christianity for themselves.

What can people pray as you tour this year?

That schools are open to it as it’s something we’re providing to help answer young people’s questions about the Christian faith. Also, pray that the idea behind this new resource comes to life technically as so many have invested in it behind the scenes. Ultimately, pray that we can do this big undertaking justice and that young people respond to The Cube really well.

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