Sharing God’s heart with young people and introducing them to Jesus is my passion as an evangelist. In late 2017 God told me that He was going to birth something really exciting through Youth for Christ. But I had no idea what it would involve. I prayed and sought God about it over the following months. He gave me a heart for young women, a vision and a name for this incredible new initiative.

The Vision

The vision was to create a space for young Christian girls to receive support and form a community. This community can then stand together in faith, whatever part of the journey they’re on. A space that allows girls to explore what it looks like to live out their faith, in our culture with its challenges and be part of a generation of young women who are strong in their faith! The line that God dropped into my heart was: ‘The world’s voice is loud, are you going to give me an opportunity for my voice to be louder?’ And, of course, my answer was yes.


That’s why we’re launching ‘Fierce’; a brand new one day event for 13-18 year old girls on Saturday 16th March 2019 at Gas Street Church. A few hundred girls will gather together with their youth workers, parents or guardians in the heart of Birmingham from 10am-7pm to worship God, hear from incredible speakers, enjoy amazing performances by Christian artists and have time to pray. Fierce is a chance for girls to come together from all walks of life, backgrounds and worlds to hear God speak powerfully into their lives. Girls (and boys) are bombarded by the media about what they should place their value in, but the family of God is a powerful thing and means they don’t have to face these pressures alone.

The Word

Though the word ‘fierce’ is often associated with aggression, it can also refer to a heartfelt passionate intensity. That’s the sense we mean it in. We’re going to be looking deep into the Bible and talking about how to follow Jesus with our whole heart in a world where living out our faith can be a challenge. We’ll also be celebrating and joining together to say that while there’s a cost to fiercely following Jesus, it’s worth it.

The speakers will include Rachel Gardener from Youthscape, Dan Blyth from Hillsong and WorshipCentral’s Anna Hellebronth. Singer song-writer Phillipa Hannah will also be performing.

God’s Love

Fierce will be a reminder to girls who know Jesus, and a challenge to those who do not yet, that God’s love for you is enough and you don’t need to seek that love and affirmation from anywhere else. I heard the voice of God for the first time at a gathering like this when I was young. It was the still small voice of the Holy Spirit yet it was an incredible and powerful encounter. If I could hear from God in that setting, then anyone can. My prayer is that every girl and every leader who comes will encounter God.

Why you need to Bring your Girls

If you’re a youth leader, you need to bring your girls to Fierce because they’ll be encouraged, stirred to ask questions, make great friendships and be given the opportunity to respond to the gospel. This event will enable you to journey with the girls in your youth group in one day, hopefully in a really significant way, and lead on to more conversations in your local setting. Our aim is for Fierce to be an annual event. We would love for each girl that attends to pray for one of their friends who isn’t yet a Christian and then bring that friend the following year.

We are excited, we are expectant and we can’t wait to see you there.

By Grace Wheeler

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