One of the big reasons I love the mission of Youth for Christ is that most people who become Christians do so under the age of 18. Our best chance of seeing Britain changed is by investing in young people. And when a young person comes to faith there is usually a friend who helped them journey towards that point. Whatever we can do to invest in peer to peer relationships will reap rewards. Furthermore, today’s young Christians are part of the most connected generation in history. If there were ever a system set up for a life-changing message to ‘go viral’, it would be the interconnected web of relationships found amongst today’s in-sync and digitally connected young people.

And Yet…

And yet so many struggle to pass on their faith to those around them. 61% of young people say that they know an active Christian and 1 in 6 want to know more about Jesus. Yet only 35% of Christian young people say they know how to talk about Jesus. Almost half think someone else would do a better job than them.[1] In my own youth group many struggle with even admitting to their mates that they go to church. ‘The Sync Coach’ is our new resource about overcoming these obstacles and unleashing the potential of a new generation of evangelists.

The Sync Coach

Sync is about stories and relationships. From reading Enid Blyton under the duvet as a child to watching every James Bond movie back to back as a student, I’ve always loved stories. Brain science tells us that powerful chemicals are released in us when we hear a story being told. Our music videos and social media tell a story. And faith sharing is also storytelling. As Christians, we should be the best at forming relationships too because the relational God lives inside us. What would it look like if every Christian young person was the best friend they could be and were confident to tell the story of God and their own story? That’s pretty exciting to me.

Helping Young Christians get in Sync

But how do we help this happen? Well, young people get the idea of coaching. From the sports field to X-Factor, not to mention the Bible, learning happens when one person coaches another in a specific discipline. The Sync Coach is our series of ten daily sessions that take young people through a fun and relational way of sharing faith through stories. Our ‘Gen Z: Rethinking Culture’ research found that of all hobbies, watching YouTube videos was the number one activity of all 11-18s. So, the format for the sessions is engaging Youtuber-style films that are emailed directly to young people when they sign up (or they can watch via The Sync Coach YouTube channel).

“The Sync Coach is about helping young people put God on display every day.”

Journeying with Youth Workers

But we recognise that if we are to create an evangelistic culture in youth groups we have to go further. The truth is we can all do better at sharing our faith with our mates. So, alongside the films for young people there are 20 daily videos for youth workers to go through themselves. This does a couple of things. Firstly, it’s about accountability. As a youth worker you ask your young people how they are finding it – and they then hold you accountable for watching the films you are meant to. You both journey together. Secondly, youth workers become better evangelists. We’ve created the videos to help youth workers be more effective at reaching their non-Christian friends.

Sign Up Today

After successfully piloting the coaching programme in 10 UK locations and one group in Abu Dhabi, we are confident that what we are offering works well. You can sign up today to this brand new resource that has been developed at every step by youth workers for youth workers.

Change the World

Imagine if every young Christian in youth groups had the confidence and passion to share Jesus with those around them. What would it look like if every one of those 1 in 6 young people who wanted to know more about Jesus were led, by their friends, on a journey to go further? It could change the world! We think this idea is so compelling that we are committed to the ongoing growth of the resource and are honoured to share it with you.

By Phil Knox


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[1] Stats from Gen Z Rethinking Culture by Youth for Christ and Talking Jesus Youth by Hope