Last month, we had the British Youth for Christ Touring Teams The Sense and Stance come and serve with us for 2 weeks of missions in local schools. Although this is the 3rd year running that we have managed to finance inviting the teams up to the Highlands, it was a massive undertaking. We gathered local churches, supporters and friends to support the work both prayerfully and practically.

Inverness High School

The first week saw the Teams working in Inverness High School taking assemblies, R.M.P.S, P.E. and music lessons. In these, they were given the opportunity to share about their faith in a relevant way using music and dance. This was to enable pupils to grow in their confidence, abilities and aspirations. The team had pupils coming into the hall to hang out with them during lunch and break times. These were special times where the team were able to impact lives on a 1-2-1 level.

Millburn Academy

Millburn Academy was where the Teams served their 2nd week (for the 3rd year running!). They had a timetable jam-packed full of classes and assemblies and saw almost every pupil in the school. Again, the team had very little ‘rest’ time as they interacted with the pupils during lunch and break times. However, it was so inspiring to see the energy and enthusiasm the young team members had for sharing the good news about Jesus with the young people.

Highlands Concerts

At the end of each week, the teams hosted a concert where a clear gospel message was shared. Each young person had the opportunity to take a ‘4pointsgospel’ lanyard and wristband away with them (with hardly any refusals!). The young people also had the opportunity to engage with local volunteers if they wanted to find out more about Jesus.

The first concert took place in Inverness High School. Whereas the second took place in Cafe Nero on the High Street! It was such an amazing experience to witness young people excited about the message the teams had to share. Through music, dance and testimony the teams were able to share their heart. It was even more exciting that we were able to partner with Cafe Nero in order to make this happen!

Thank You

I would just like to personally the teams for their hard work and perseverance through a tiring fortnight up here in the Highlands. We are a small centre and it is helpful to have such injections of energy and enthusiasm. As we work together to see Christ glorified in this city, it is a privilege to work in partnership with you all.

Linda Buchan,
Project Develop Worker, Highlands & Islands Youth for Christ