Who did Jesus reach?

A woman at a well…a vertically-challenged man called Zacchaeus…

What did Jesus do?

A picnic for 5000… A surprising funeral party for a man called Lazarus!


By sending 12 men out, two by two… By walking on water!

So? The result?

A miracle catch of fish… A storm calmed… New life… People changed forever!

When Jesus met people, their lives were transformed. HOPE Revolution wants to see thousands of young people equipped to follow Jesus’ example.

Dream Big. Take Risks.

Phil Timson, HOPE’s Youth Director says: ‘We want young people to dream big and take big risks as they put their faith into action. The Mission Academy has already shown that when young people are equipped, encouraged and released, they are the best way to reach their own generation for Christ… and they can be SO creative, bringing the change that they desire. And the impact on the young people themselves is amazing. Their faith is energized as they find that God uses them.’

HOPE Revolution

HOPE Revolution’s Fun-Size Mission Academy takes young people to the front line of faith. The four short, challenging sessions each ask a question:

1) Who – do you want to reach?

2) What – are you going to do?

3) How – do you want to do it?

4)  So – what have we learned?

The aim is to enable groups of young people to see lives transformed in schools and communities as their friends discover who Jesus is, drawing closer to Him and following him for themselves.

Mission Academy

With HOPE Revolution’s Chatterbox, the Fun-Size Mission Academy becomes a one-page resource that can be completed by a small group of young people in just four short sessions.

Fun-Size Mission Academies build off the success of 32 Mission Academies run throughout the UK over the past two years. They put young people into the driving seat of mission. The goal is for young people to develop a lifestyle of mission so that sharing their faith in words and actions comes naturally every day and in every context.

The Big Vision

HOPE’s big vision is to see lives and communities across the UK transformed by Jesus’ love – with thousands of young people taking a lead. The aim is to mobilize 100,000 young people to share their faith as part of a movement to bring a HOPE Revolution by young people, for young people with Christian youth agencies across the country working together.

You can order the Chatterbox and Fun-Size Mission Academy resources at www.hoprev.co.uk.

Contact phil.knox@yfc.co.uk for further details.