Tim Adams asks The Climb team member, James Whitehouse about his experience of Youth for Christ and how preparations for climbing Kilimanjaro are going…

What experience do you have of the Youth for Christ movement?

Although I have known Youth for Christ for many years, it’s only since my wife started working with them 6 years ago that I came to understand and appreciate all that they do, in the UK and globally. They have a passion to see young people’s lives changed by the good news of Jesus, which changed my life for the good. I’ve got to know some of the people that work for the movement, what drives them and have attended Youth for Christ events. This has provided me with knowledge of what they do, why they do it and a desire to journey with them.

Why do you want to raise money for them?

Youth for Christ stand for what I know to be true and are driven by this to support the youth of today. You do not have to look far to find a young person who needs support, some a great deal more than others. Having someone there who can help can only be a good thing.

Have you ever done anything like The Climb before?

If you count Duke of Edinburgh Bronze, Silver and Gold; or walking Ben Nevis and Snowdon… then yes. But I don’t think this comes close… so that would be a no.

How is preparation going?

I think it’s going okay. Recently, I came back from a holiday on which I was having to carry my 4 year son on my shoulders for a fair bit of the days. I did 20,000+ steps per day (according to the watch), hence I’m feeling fairly good.

How are you feeling about the trek?

3 weeks to go and I’m excited. I still need to buy a few essentials.

What are you looking forward to most?

Time with the team, the memories, the views and, if all goes to plan, reaching the top.

What are you most worried about?

I am not a worrier. However, I will be disappointed if I or anyone else in the team do not make it to the top. That’s because we all have invested so much into this.

Why should people sponsor you?

I have the best odds of making it, I am the best looking of the team…just dreaming there! The reason people should sponsor me has to be for the cause.

Sponsor James