Unite Youth Project have been working to spread the gospel among their local young people since 2007. They aim to reach every young person in East Norfolk by both encouraging and providing a mechanism for churches to work together.

We run a number of different youth clubs reaching the age spectrum of 11-18 years where they can discuss openly the Christian faith, what it means to them and how God can help them through their own personal issues.

After six years of working towards the vision of a youth project being owned, funded and resourced by the local churches, that vision came to fruition in July 2012 and Identity was launched – a project based in Gorleston which provides opportunities for young people from church backgrounds and from the local estate who have no church experience at all, to come together.

We hold monthly prayer gatherings and regularly prayer walk the town asking God’s will to be done in the town. Our Youth Cafe attracts between 7 and 21 young people of high school age on a weekly basis. They come to cook, create, play table tennis, pool, Wii, cards or just spend time chilling and chatting in a safe place with their friends. We have now given away 4 Action Bibles to these kids from the local estate. The discipleship group Stand run by young leaders from our Over 18s group has got off to a steady start. All young people who are college age are invited to discuss issues, scriptures and learn how to “Be”. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday lunchtime we engage with the pupils at the local high school in the dinner hall, being a presence there for those who are struggling or just haven’t got a friend to sit with.

As well as all this there are the annual events like The Sense (used to be called Taste) in school, Treat (Hallowe’en alternative), Glitterball (Christmas dinner dance) and Newday (summer camp).

The trustees are now focussing on sharing the Good News within the town of Gt Yarmouth itself.