As a movement, we are about change. That means being open to what’s new.

Seeing young people’s lives changed by Jesus is what we long for and live for. We’re always on the lookout for the most up-to-date ways to represent God’s heart to young people. It isn’t easy. We have to be courageous and prepared to launch out into the unknown for the sake of young people. Yet we do so, trusting in the One who knows all things!

We’re not obsessed with novelty for the sake of it, though. Like the apostle Paul at Mars Hill, we work to share the good news of Jesus in a way that’s appropriate for our audience, so that it is understood most fully. That means looking at where young people are and then making sure we show Jesus in a way that is relevant to them.

Digital Evangelism

One of the most important areas that we need to be speaking into going forward is the digital landscape. It’s growing prominence in our society is undeniable. We need to speak into it because young people are increasingly spending their time there. Our new Missions & Evangelism Director, Joel Preston is already excited about pursuing what relevant, effective evangelism looks like in the online space because wherever young people are, that’s where you’ll find us.

Good News Bible: The Youth Edition

We have spent many months working on the new youth edition of the Good News Bible, alongside our friends at The Bible Society. We know the difference God’s word can make to young lives. Young people are amazed when they realise they can know God and hear Him speak to them through the Bible. At the end of a long process, we couldn’t be more thrilled with the finished product and hope this new edition will enable a whole generation of young people to connect with God’s word. The results could be phenomenal.

Young Lives Changed Across Britain

Right across the country, our intrepid local centres continue to innovate as they engage with young people from all walks of life. Whether it’s through new local initiatives, new national events or partnerships, our goal is to demonstrate the love of God. We also declare who Jesus is, encourage a decision to follow Him and disciple young people to live their lives to the full.

Why not stand with us today and be part of seeing young people’s lives changed by Jesus? Whether your support is financial or prayerful, I am so thankful for your partnership with us. Your support means more young people are hearing the good news about Jesus. And more young people are being totally transformed as they come to Him.

Neil O’Boyle