We are thrilled to announce that we have launched a brand new YFC mission team – a band called The Sense. They will tour the country engaging with young people and sharing Good News through music. Made up of YFC One gap year volunteers, the band is a great opportunity for young musicians to use their gifts forGod. Tim Adams sat down with band co-founders Joy and Andy Clark, as they joined the YFC family…

You’ve been leading a band for some time now, how did you first start?

Joy: As a couple, we had been playing and sharing our faith in schools under the name ‘Double Check’ for years using programmed backing to our songs. We saw the impact this kind of ministry has on young people who have little or no idea about who Jesus really is. As a result, we felt God ask us to invest our time and experience into other musicians to give similar opportunities for them to share their faith. That was 15 years ago and we’ve seen loads of young Christian musicians of all kinds come through the band in that time.

What sort of impact has it made?

Andy: It has had a great impact on young lives. Some have simply met and engaged with Christians who show an interest in their life. Others have had their questions answered in class or simply had fun at a Christian event. Lastly, still others have discovered more about Jesus and given their lives to him.

Joy: The band members themselves also grow immensely; not only in their own personal walk with God, but also in developing more confidence to stand up in front of other young people and speak about the difference that God has made in their life.

Why do you think music has such an effect?

Joy: Music can touch people on an emotional and even spiritual level more easily than other forms of communication. For example, we have seen young people moved to tears during a lesson because one of our songs has touched them personally in some way.

Andy: Of course we don’t want to manipulate anyone or cause offence so we have to be responsible and careful. Whilst we recognise the great gift music is to us from God, we also realise its effect can be superficial. Only the work of God’s Holy Spirit can truly break through and affect people in a real and lasting way, music is just one method he uses to bring this about.

Why have you joined YFC?

Andy: We’ve been asking God for a while now what the next step for us might be. When the organisation that we had been working with for 15 years closed down we knew it was time for something new. Unsure of the specifics, we asked friends and family to pray as we sought God and were led to chat with Paul Kingsley-Smith through Joy’s sister who is Director of East Norfolk Youth for Christ! We really connected when we began to share our heart and passions.

Joy: It was clear that God had been preparing the way on both sides for ‘such a time as this’. We discovered that Paul was seeking to set up a new touring team, and felt that it should be a band. God’s timing was perfect – coming at a moment when we were looking for more supervision and support in the work that we do. To become part of YFC One is a real boost and answer to prayer as it expands the possibilities for training, enabling the band to grow and learn within a much bigger team.

What are your hopes and dreams for the new band?

Joy: Our vision is that the new band becomes a dynamically creative and effective team in YFC. We want to reach out to many more thousands of young people with the life-changing message of Jesus.

Andy: Our hope is that many will enter into a real relationship with God through the message. We dream of young people sold out for Jesus, living lives so honouring to God that people see the difference and want to be a part of it. We hope and long for God to do more than we could possibly ask or imagine in and through us, in the lives of all those who join and all those who see and hear the new band.

Photo courtesy of Louise Dolan.

To find out more information about what the band can offer or to make a booking you can contact joy.clark@yfc.co.uk