• Phil Knox

    Director of Evangelism and Leadership

    Phil is the Director of Evangelism and Leadership. Phil is married to Dani and they have a little boy called Caleb. Phil is an avid sportsman and is developing a taste for fine coffee.

    I decided to follow Jesus as a very excitable 6 year old and He has changed my life (though I am still just about as excitable!). I work for YFC because I want to change the world. I believe that the only hope we have, as individuals and as a world is to know Jesus and the love and life that He brings. I love young people and in the years I have spent working for YFC have seen thousands transformed by an encounter with God. I also love the church and am part of an amazing church family in Birmingham. So part of my job is simply to help inspire, encourage and equip the church to reach and love young people. I also love schools. I think teachers are some of the hidden gems in our society and have tough jobs, so that’s why YFC create leading resources for RE so that students can explore faith and its impact for themselves, and teacher’s lives are made easier on the way. I love my job. It’s an honour to lead the teams, speak to so many young people and represent YFC in many different settings. I’m married to the beautiful Dani and we have a delightful little boy called Caleb. In my (limited!) spare time I love running, cycling and watching lots of sport. I love good coffee, pizza and have a law degree and a recent MA in Mission and Evangelism.

    As a YFC staff worker I am required to raise a minimum of 50% of my salary costs through donations from church, friends and family. The reason we do this is that personal support creates a partnership in ministry between the supporter and the staff member. The more support staff raise, the more funds are released to be used to support the work of Youth for Christ. YFC is about people and by partnering with me you will enable more young people to be reached across the nation. Together we can achieve more. Please stand with me to reach a generation of young people with the good news of Jesus in Britain. I am so grateful for the people who support me in my calling here at YFC in so many ways. If you are able to join in, in whatever capacity, please let me know and if one of those ways is financially then please do fill in the form on this page. Get my newsletter and become a prayer partner.

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