The Climb UK team started at the foot of Mount Snowden on Sunday evening. We took the mountain well and reached the peak to see an amazing, beautiful sunset. Coming down we slightly lost the path and then the darkness came in a lot quicker than we were expecting. This led to our mountain leader making a decision to prioritise everyone coming down safely over time. It was definitely the right decision. Then we enjoyed some amazing burgers, provided by our support team.

Scafell’s Stunning Sunrise 

We made up some time on the journey up to Scafell Pike. We began climbing at about 4:30AM and made it to the top in time to see a stunning sunrise. One of our team, Jas, found Scafell really challenging because she had jarred her knee. She carried on amazingly well, though.

Then we headed up to Ben Nevis. We started climbing Ben Nevis at 5 o’clock.

Team Spirit

Our group then managed to make it up Ben Nevis before the sunset. To do it, we had to do a lot of different types of climb, including crossing a snow field, traversing some interesting zigzags. The team were fantastic and everyone pitched in, with different people taking the lead at different points, different people motivating and speaking into team morale etc. This helped us to bond really well as a team and also brought out different people’s strengths and leadership styles, which was very good.

Emotional Farewells

Next on the agenda was some emotional farewells, as the bulk of the Climb UK team took their 10 hour drive home. Phil, P (our guide) and I got to bed at 2 in the morning and then we were on the road for 7 the next morning to head up to Carn Eige.

On Monday, my stepometer measured 55,000 steps for the day! Then Tuesday we did one climb but it actually involved 4 different mountains. It was a 10 + hour day on the mountain and as we got back to the car at 9:30PM, the stepometer clicked over 56,000 steps for the day. At the end of Tuesday, we just had absolutely nothing left.

The Mist Descends

On Wednesday morning we drove across to Skye, ready for our start ascending Sgurr Alasdair. On the way up, we scrambled over some gnarly rocks, which was proper mountain climbing. When we got to the ridge, P made the call to prioritise safety owing to the rain lashing down on us. We were able to use an emergency tent that P had to take shelter and made ourselves a cup of tea, as is the British way. The mist then descended, meaning we had to make the call to not continue. Again, it proved to be the right decision because as we descended, we didn’t come out of the mist for the next 3/400 metres. We were disappointed not to reach the summit but happy to have experienced the mountain.

The Last Leg

We are now on route to the Lake District to take on Skiddaw before we tackle Helvellyn. This is definitely proving to be a challenge as we’ve discovered broken toes, jarred knees and strained thighs. Physically, we are stretched but our bodies are proving to have amazing recovery rates. So with 2 mountains left to go, we are doing well.

I’d love people to pray for the remaining members of the Climb UK team. My sprained ankle has been an issue coming down. Also, pray for Lauren who is joining us this afternoon to take on a new challenge. Overall, maintaining the energy levels that we have will be the priority. Our energy levels have been good but we want to maintain that.

Barry Mason

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