On the 24th Feb 2018, 335 people came to The C3 Church in Cambridge from all over the south of England for the Youth Evangelism Conference (theYECuk). Worship was led by Beth Croft and Miriam Swaffield and Simon Guillebaud gave keynote speeches at what was an inspiring and hope-filled event.


Following the theme #gospeloffensive, the conference addressed the ways in which the truth about Jesus presents an affront to our culture. It then called on delegates to speak it anyway and get on the front foot in communicating the gospel. Surely, the Church has spent too long adapting and shrinking. “But we are not of those who shrink back, but of those who believe and are saved.” (Hebrews 10:39)

Boldness in Youth Ministry

Jesus said that the kingdom of God is forcefully advancing. Could it be time for a new boldness in youth ministry that, by the Spirit of God, actively sets out to captivate the hearts of a generation? Rather than being squeezed into a worldly mould, can a mission movement that is shaped by the truth bring transformation? (Romans 12:2)

Seminars included cross-cultural mission, reimaging church for young people, analysis of recent research in Youth culture, creativity in Evangelism etc. Additionally, a particularly poignant tribute was given to the late British Youth for Christ founder, Billy Graham.


One delegate said: “I thoroughly enjoyed theYECuk and the spiritual boost it gave me. It just affirmed why I am taking up ministry and was incredibly helpful and fulfilling. The people, speakers, band, workshop speakers, YEC team & volunteers…I felt heaven at the centre. It was a long day but I didn’t want it to end. Thank you for the blessing that it all was!”


Phil Knox, Chair of the event, commented on its significance.“It’s amazing to see so many youth workers, young people and church leaders come to an event with the sole focus on youth evangelism. There are many training pieces for youth workers but the number here and the energy in the room, I believe, show an exciting wave of people who are desperate to see thousands come to know Jesus.”

Tickets are still available for theYECuk in the North, taking place in Warrington on the 12th of May. Miriam and Simon will be speaking again and Joe Bright from Soul Survivor will be leading worship.

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