• They may not know them, they may never have even heard their name, but in one way or another our partners may have made a profound difference to as many as

    746,735 young people.


    That is the number of young people that we believe we have had some form of contact with this ministry year. Let me show you how those numbers break down and what we actually did:

    You can be part of this story. The generous gifts and faithful prayers of our partners fuel the ministry of Youth for Christ. Everyone who partners with us enables us to take the good news relevantly and see lives continually being changed by Jesus. Some of our work reaches only a few (such as those in custody), while some of our resources literally reach hundreds of thousands of young people.

    Every letter that I have written to you has involved the story of a young person. However, in this letter I want to tell you about the 746,735 young people who each have their own story. Some have made decisions to follow Jesus, others are on a journey and some may never make that decision, but it won’t stop us reaching out and helping them navigate through life. This Christmas, may I ask you to prayerfully consider giving a gift to Youth for Christ? As we look forward to the next ministry year, we hope to increase our reach and engage with over 800,000 young people.To make that leap, an even bigger team and greater resources are required.

    If you become a regular partner in response to this letter, we would like to thank you for your commitment by giving you a free copy of the brand-new youth edition of the Good News Bible. You could give this to a young person you know this Christmas.

    If your gift reaches us by December 15th.*

    Will you stand with us today and help us reach even more young people with the good news of Jesus in 2019, so that even more lives are changed by Him?

    Neil O’Boyle

    National Director

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