Our youth work option will see you placed with a Youth for Christ centre and supporting the ongoing youth work in schools, churches, communities and on the streets.

Each centre looks completely different, from big teams to small teams and from rural locations to cities. You could be working one-to-one mentoring young people, leading assemblies with your team, discipling young people in church youth groups, going onto parks and meeting young people where they are at and delivering lessons in schools.

Evangelism is what we’re passionate about and each stream will help you grow in confidence to share the gospel to those you know and don’t know. Whether you have shared your faith before or the idea of it worries you; you will be supported, trained and mentored every step of the way.

During your time on this Year Out option you will receive continual investment, training and guidance, which will equip you to engage with and help transform the lives of young people. If you have a passion for Jesus and a heart for young people, this opportunity is one not to be missed as it’s a great way to serve God for a year and test a calling into youth ministry.