Following in the footsteps of the Good News Bible – Youth Edition, Youth for Christ and the Bible Society have teamed up again to create another innovative Bible that enables families to explore faith together.

Our most recent piece of research with young people, ‘Z-A of Faith and Spirituality’, showed very clearly that family and the home are hugely important in their lives. In fact, 55% of young people say that family has the greatest influence on the way they think about God and spirituality. We have also discovered that if faith can be explored and shared within the home, then the faith of a young person can be positively impacted. So, we want to resource families with this latest edition of the Bible so that young people’s lives will be changed by Jesus for the long haul.

Some of the incredible features of this Family Edition include:

  • 32 colour pages of tips on how to read the Bible, maps, indexes and Family Bible journeys.
  • 5 different ways to interact with the text: Think, Chat, Do, Create and Watch.
  • Double page introductions to each book of the Bible with info on how it fits with the bigger story, key verses, prayers for the family and questions to chat through.
  • Loads of space for writing, doodling, drawing and reflecting.
  • Links to a dedicated YouTube playlist with videos that unpack some of the key themes and issues found in the Bible.
  • A wipe-clean removable cover jacket which can be used alongside the Bible to write, doodle, and draw on.
  • Access to an online community with additional material to help explore the Bible even further.

Families helped us put this Bible together. We listened to their ideas, the difficulties in engaging with the Bible and heard what really matters to them: discovering and growing in confidence to enjoy exploring the Bible together as a household.

The Bible is an incredible and life-changing book. We believe that families can be transformed by reading the Bible together but we also know that it’s a challenge to figure out how to go about that.

Perhaps, you’re pushed for time or don’t know where to start. Perhaps, you don’t feel qualified or it just seems too difficult to motivate all ages to take an interest. And every family is unique. The Good News Bible – Family Edition is not here to tell you how to read it but to help you experience the many different ways that you can and provide some helpful tools along the way.