In life, you are sometimes presented with an opportunity to do something that’s amazing yet incredibly difficult. As part of a dedicated Youth for Christ team (made up of staff and other individuals who love Youth for Christ), I recently had the privilege of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The Climb was a once in a lifetime experience.

The Climb

We endured days of pain, blisters, aching limbs, freezing temperatures and altitude sickness. The final ascent was such a precarious journey but we did it – the whole team made it to the top! It was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done but it was amazing to look out from the snow-covered ‘rooftop of Africa’ at the truly spectacular view from above the clouds. In that moment, all the hard work and pain was completely worth it.

The Seven Deadlies

At the same time that we scaled Kilimanjaro in Africa, another brilliant Youth for Christ team took on a different challenge a little closer to home; the ‘Seven Deadlies’. This involved climbing seven of the most prominent mountains in Britain (including the three peaks) and was no small feat. Even so, all of the team from Head Office completed their personal mountain challenges.

Why we did it

The reason The Climb teams and I pushed ourselves to our physical limits climbing mountains in Africa and Britain was to raise money so that we can reach more young people and see their lives changed by Jesus. So, a massive thank you to everyone who sponsored us on these life-changing treks.

I want to personally thank those friends of Youth for Christ who gave up their own time to join us. These are Luke Hamlyn, Harry Lynch, Ellie Hughes, Will and Ruth Jackson, Howard Stevenson, James Whitehouse and Chris Edwards. Also, P Morris on the Climb UK.

Our Work across Britain

As well as big national initiatives like The Climb, local Youth for Christ staff workers and volunteers are doing phenomenal youth work day in, day out right across Britain. Whether it’s through committed local teams that are in it for the long haul, new initiatives to reach young people or bringing the hope of change to young offenders through our ministry in Prisons, our work is always about showing Jesus in a way which is relevant to every young person.

I’m proud to lead this movement because we are committed to reaching young people, whatever the cost. Wherever young people are, that’s where you’ll find us; reaching out to them with the love of Jesus.

Through our many teams, staff and centres across the country, we take Good News relevantly to young people. We are One Youth for Christ and part of the worldwide Youth for Christ family.

Would you partner with us and help us see more young people’s lives changed by Jesus?

Neil O’Boyle