Over 125,000 young people (under the age of 18) are arrested each year.

Over 20,000 under 25s serve at least one prison sentence annually.

For over 10 years, Youth for Christ’s Reflex team has specialised in ministry to young offenders and young people at risk of becoming involved with crime – whether in prisons or the community.

In prisons, Youth for Christ partner with local churches and charities to train and support “Outreach Workers”. Reflex Outreach Workers are positive role models who raise the aspirations and self-esteem of young men and women in prison, empowering them with the skills, confidence and character they’ll need to realise their full potential. Once in prison, Reflex Workers run youth clubs, Youth Alpha, Christianity Explored, chaplaincy groups, accredited arts and life skills workshops and mentoring schemes. They also link young prison leavers with churches.

In addition we produce award-winning resources such as…

  • myLife – This course is now being used in over 80 locations, helping nurture life skills and character qualities (the fruit of the spirit) in prisoners, victims of sexual violence, homeless people, ex-offenders, and NEET teenagers.
  • Urban Skillz – We run creative performing arts workshops, called Urban Skillz designed to unlock young people’s God-given potential. Participants often record a music video and receive an accredited certificate; this achievement is the first rung on the ladder, helping them leave crime behind.