Heartland Youth for Christ is a local charity providing youth work in and out of schools, colleges and churches across Coalville and the surrounding areas. We are an independent local Centre of the wider international movement of Youth for Christ.

Heartland Youth for Christ’s aim is to maximise young people’s personal potential in every area of their lives – physically, emotionally, socially, educationally and spiritually, with our ultimate mission being to reach every young person in Coalville and the surrounding areas with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

We want to be an organisation through which young people find acceptance, care and hope in this confusing world.

At Heartland Youth for Christ it’s our vision to equip and empower the churches in our area to do youth work in and out of their churches; to provide high quality youth services to the 5 main upper schools in the area; to inspire, enable and support local young Christians in exploring and deepening their faith for themselves, encouraging them to play an active role in their church communities and to share their faith with their friends; and to become known and trusted by local young people, understanding them, and being able to support them in making positive changes in their lives.

To work towards our mission we are involved in the following projects: Youth cafés, after school clubs, monthly worship event, discipleship groups, teaching life skills sessions, hanging out during College lunchtimes, one to one mentoring and summer camps.